We strongly believe in an ethical approach to our business and we are focused on our clients and the needs they have in any project, from the smallest to the biggest,  giving them the maximum commitment and offering the best solution and support.

From our beginning our motto has been “Passion for perfection” to remind us that in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and stakeholders  we have to perform anytime better, learning from our mistakes and experience in a never ending process.

We are satisfied with what we have done until today but we are focused on the future and on what we are going to do as of today.

Since 2004:

Passion for Perfection

Consulting, Engineering, Solutions

for big infrastructures and for industry

SWI Group has developed more than 15 years of experience in the field of Environment, Health and Safety, with Water Management Solutions being the most consolidated and recognized business line where SWI Group can offer turn-key solutions to its Client. Consultancy and design services, together with the exclusive availability of proprietary technologies in the field of water treatment and environment protection, make SWI Group the perfect partner for Clients that look for the best tailor made available solutions for their needs.
SWI Group owns an extended network of qualified local and international professionals and consultants, being convinced of the fact that the strength and knowledge of the Group is higher than the sum of the strengths and knowledges of the single people. SWI Group builds up its success thanks to its dedicated people but also thanks to the strong synergies with a selected list of qualified suppliers able to provide the best and innovative solutions in their fields of applications.
SWI Group is committed to creating value for its Clients by integrating the principles of circular economy, environmental awareness and safety culture into their operations and business practices, decreasing business risks and identifying opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency and the quality of their work environment.
Our goal is working together to build a stronger future for our Clients and giving our small contribution for a better world where ethical business and  environmental protection are not just empty words.

Since 2004: Passion for perfection!

Our approach


Consulting activities on environment and safety, engineering and the design and construction of SWI Group’s systems and technologies are the result of a deep knowledge of the detailed environmental and safety regulatory landscape and its development. This legal know-how, gained through many years of experience and kept constantly up-to-date thanks to our continuous training, guarantees to SWI Group’s customers the help of a reliable team of consultants, that, starting from the Normative requirements, provide the best technical operational solutions.
SWI Group always tries to go beyond the mere formal compliance with the regulatory obligations by always evaluating the regulatory evolution, the management and maintenance aspects and the correct relationship between costs and benefits of the action taken. SWI Group's consultancy always puts the customer at the center, and starts from an in-depth analysis of the specific context, of the regulatory context, of the costs-benefits of the proposed interventions to reach the identification of the best practices for the resolution of any type of environmental problem. 
The provided solutions and consultancies are always customized to the specific needs of each Client. To guarantee the constant improvement of the proposed solutions and the growth paths in the environmental and safety fields, SWI Group invests in a strong digitalization of its activities and in a constant research and development process, even through partnerships with national and international Universities that lead to the creation of new products and technologies with continuous filing of patents for innovative product lines, as well as the development of digital platforms for the collection and analysis of functional data.

Strategic environmental consultancy

SWI Group supports its Clients in every aspect of their business: setting the strategy, accessing new markets, planning and implementing new infrastructural projects, improving operational performances, making acquisitions or divestitures of assets. SWI Group is able to meet environmental and sustainability needs throughout the company’s’ life cycle.
Many of our activities are:
- Design of environmental engineering project works (treatment plants, remediation works);
- Environmental Impact S...

Health & Safety

Health and Safety management is a central element in the production process, but too often the prevailing formal and documental approach makes it a purely bureaucratic fulfillment completely disconnected from operations, thus resulting in being not useful in reducing the risk of accidents, which is the purpose of the law and the only real interest for Companies and workers.
While maintaining regulatory compliance, SWI Group deems it essential to offer consultancy services intended to create a le...

consultancy, engineering and technology

In the last 20 years, Scientific Research has confirmed that stormwater flowing on highways, ports and industrial areas is characterized by high contaminant loads, originated from an intense anthropic activity. It’s estimated that in urban area the environmental impact of contaminated stormwater is comparable to the one of civil and industrial wastewater, however this effect is indeed very complex to handle, due to spacial and time related discontinuity of stormwater events.
SWI Group has gained...


SWI Group has always paid attention to the environment, natural resources and human health, and in this field more and more importance is given to the sanitization of environments, as well as water, for possible re-use in total safety. Being increasingly faced with this issue, SWI Group has developed its own set of products and services, which integrate sales, rental or service solutions according to different needs. The developed products and services are primarily composed by ozone, due to its characteristics.
Ozone is, in fact, an oxygen-derived gas with a high oxidation potent...

Process & Washing waters

Thanks to our continuous Research activities, aimed at meeting the needs of our Clients, combined with a passion for perfection and continuous investments in Research and Development, SWI Group has developed and implemented advanced treatment systems for both supply water and wastewater. Our extensive experience ranges from filtration, chemico-physical and biological processes, to ozonation systems and treatments with pure oxygen. Whate...

Management & Mainteinance

SWI Group considers maintenance as the strategic element in wastewater treatment processes, and it’s the only operation which guarantees the proper functioning of the plants, safeguarding the environment and the owner of the plant from any responsibility concerning water discharge.
Our know-how, acquired through years of experience, allows us to pay attention to the whole life cycle of the plant, starting from design phase, proposing innovative solutions integrated with a management and maintenance software.
Maintenance is considered as the key el...

Research & Development

The heart, as well as the driving force behind SWI Group, resides, since its foundation, in the ceaseless and intense Research and Development activity in the technological sector and best innovative solutions context, merging and establishing as leader of the market in its sector, enough to be awarded the Sustainable Development prize in 2017bythe President of the Italian Republic, for the invention and patenting of SWERM system.
SWI Gr...



Roads & Highways

An essential infrastructure in everybody's life, but that nobody wants in their territory due to its negative impacts on the environment (water, noise, accidents, waste) and that, when already present, it’s difficult to adapt to the new sustainability standards. The environmental management of roads represents one of the sectors where SWI Group's experience developed at most, having designed and implemented the largest and most performing system in Europe, where water treatment and emergency systems for the containment of spillovers caused by road accidents are integrated intelligent systems capable of guaranteeing the safeguard of the Environment.


SWI Group boasts a long experience in the management of stormwater runoff and wastewater, such as those deriving from "deicing" phenomena, flushing from airports, which are characterized by large and impermeable surfaces on their aprons and by the continuous risk of dispersion of dangerous pollutants into the environment. SWI Group is able to manage them properly thanks to state-of-the-art, advanced patented technologies.


Being born and raised on the portual area of Venice, SWI Group has a specific and deep experience with ports, embracing every environmental sector and infrastructures such as remediation, sedimentation, wastewater treatment plants and construction of new works through the design and management of environmental and safety management systems and consultancy activities at every level, with direct assumption of roles, skills and responsibilities.


SWI Group has extensive experience in industries in all environmental sectors, from due diligence to remediation, with particular experience in wastewater management, being able to design integrated water balances by improving performance and reducing costs and consumptions.


the Team




Founder & CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stormwater Italia. With over 25 years of professional experience, he has also designed innovative solutions for hazardous substances spills management. With a classical background, he started his career as an EHS manager in a consultancy company for small/medium concerns. He has attended a number of conferences and seminars and has been speaker in different international conferences.

Francesca Sambo

Head of Engineering

Environmental Engineer, head of the Technical team, with more than 15 year of experience in environmental engineering,  in stormwater management projects and skilled in preliminary and detailed construction design, pre-order and after sale consultancy. Speaker in various national and international technical sessions and conferences.



Technical Director | Vice President - Business Development

All-round professional with a total of 20 years cross-industry successful experience in both technical and leadership positions. He has been working in international and progressively more Senior Management roles for large publicly and privately owned companies.

Colton Properties
Gabriella Spring
Johnson & Co.
Louise Maxwell
Josh Phillip
Axe Junior Cars
Creative Corner 
Loco Graphix



EHSQ Manager

EHS and Quality specialist, deals with environmental and H&S consultancy, focused on water quality and wastewater treatment, environmental permits, helping Clients in their relations with Public Autorithies and Administrations. Research and development and technical support for National and International congresses and conferences. 



Project Engineer

Environmental expert in waste and wastewater treatment plants, renewable energies and energy efficiency projects. 



Accounting and Administration Manager

General accounting, and administration, tax administration, import management and relationships with suppliers.

Giacomo Milano

Project Engineer / Field Engineer

 He is both part of the field staff and engineering team with support on technical design.

Federico Favaro

Field Superintendent and Software Development Manager

With SWI Group since 2007, he is in charge for PLC and SCADA software development as well as the works supervision related to new installations and maintenance.

Mostafa Rimani

Technical installations foreman

Installation and maintenance of hydraulic, electric and mechanical plants and components, small construction works and warehouse management



Technical installations foreman

Warehouse operations and technical installations and maintenance support.


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