SWIGroup offers a specific approach for each client starting from an in-depth analysis of the existing customer situation and aiming to the development of plans that includes both non structural actions (i.e. good practices, behavioral norms, maintenance) and structural (i.e. plant revamping, new equipment, civil works).

We think that to ensure the customers’ the expected results it’s essential to work together with a strong and continuous interrelationship to obtain safety and environmental benefits.

Aiming a continuous technical improvement, one of SWIGroup’s peculiarities is a strong vocation for research, internationally speaking, of innovative applications and processes to be used by companies to enhance their environmental performances.


SWIGroup consulting activities are strongly focused in the sector of stormwater and wastewater management, safety and HSE for complex site such as infrastructures, ports, terminals and industrial facilities. We can offer a great expertise for every topic related to outdoor environment (management of Stormwater run-off, reclaims management, waste management) and indoor Environment (safety and hygiene in workplaces).

Thanks to a strong and concrete field experience, we can offer our knowledge in the safety area, environmental and managing systems (ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standard) following customers from the initial design of the system to the maintenance with a proactive approach focused on finding effective, useful and applicable solutions.

Another SWIGroup main focus in the consulting activities is the monitoring of the implemented structural and non structural solutions over time, in order to evaluate the effective efficiency of the proposed solutions.


SWIGroup proposed solutions always take into account the Life Cycle of plants and realized works. We imagine solutions taking into account a continuous evolution of Climate Change impacts and needings.

Offering a Life Cycle integrated technical approach allows to anticipate future environmental and regulamentary constraints and ensure a long term efficiency and operating life of proposed solutions.


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