ProbeOn® comes from the experience matured in the field of continuous quality monitoring of stormwater in the context of early warning systems in infrastructures and industrial sites and for the planning and scheduling of maintenance operations in stormwater runoff treatment plants.

ProbeOn® can measure together synthetic key parameters for water quality monitoring such as pH, conductivity, temperature and turbidity in a unique compact probe realized in a specially designed shell.

ProbeOn® acquires analog signals and thanks to a digitalizer that performs the A/D conversion is able to send output digital signals organized according to a standard Modbus RTU protocol.

The length of the cable that connect the probe to the control unit, thanks to the serial digital communication protocol, can be long enough to cover the long distances (around 100 m) between probe and analyzer.

ProbeOn® has immediate response times and can be easily installed in existing facilities and in vault, tank, drains thanks to the 1” threaded connection.


ProbeOn technical specifications

pH and conductivity electrodes are easily replaceable as well as turbidity probe is easy to inspect for periodic cleaning operations.

Calibration of the sensors is performer through serial remote Modbus query. Moreover it’s possible to install an external automatic washing system in order to mantain maximum efficiency and avoid fouling issues.

It’s also possible to integrate in the probe shell a piezometric level sensor to measure the hydraulic head inside vault and tanks.


  • Two electrodes conductivity measure

  • 90° Scattering turbidity measure

  • Anular Pt pH measure

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU Protocol

  • Operating temperature: 0-50°C (122°F)

  • Maximum operating pressure: 4 bar

  • Max power absorption: 2W

  • Mechanical protection: IP68 (probe + cable)

  • Power supply: 12…24Vdc

  • Dimensions: Ø95 x L333,5mm

  • Threaded connection: 1” BSP​


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