SWbr® treatment plant

SWbr® represents a new solution, a complete and compact treatment package designed for the treatment of wastewater from washing plants. Treated water can be reused, in a “zero-outfall” logic, with consequent environmental and economic benefits.

SWbr® plant combines traditional physical settling and oil separation with a secondary biological “Sequencing Batch Reactor “ “SBR” and a final activated carbon finishing.

SWbr® plant layout can be easily adapted also to existing facilities thanks to its site specific design and to the volume flexibility for settling and cleanwater storage.

The different sections of the SWbr® plant are:

  • Pretreatment: pumping station (if necessary), settling unit and oil water separation (through coalescent filters).

  • Biological treatment: the pretreated waste water is treated in an SBR unit

  • Finishing: filtration through a carbon bed - Stormpillow®

  • Final storage: water are accumulated in the final section for reuse in the washing cycle.

Plant is built in a compact unique concrete vault, site specifically designed, and prepared for easy on-site installation (only electrical and hydraulic connection necessary).

Top of the vault has manhole to permit accessibility for inspection and maintenance operations, built in different materials according to loads necessities.

All the logic is managed by a simple command unit, that manage pumps, SBR cycle and treated water storage system.

Sequential Biological Reactor treatment

The biological treatment in the SWbr® is based on a Klarmax® Ideal Sequential Biological Reactor, managed by a smart control unit that organize and optimize all the different treatment phases. The main advantages are:

  • One tank compact plant;

  • No civil works required for the installation;

  • Entirely biological plant with minimum Energy consumption;

  • No pre treatment required and odor absence;

  • No electric and in movement component inside the tank;

  • Use of air lift technology for wastewater and sludge;

  • Minimized sludge production;

  • Reduced and simple maintenance;

  • Cost-benefits advantageous.

The SBR process uses only one treatment reactor based on a sequential daily treatment cycle. The duration of each cycle is 24 hours, in order to complete all the different cycle sequences in a day optimizing depuration performances exploiting loads periodicity. The treatment phases are described below:

Loading: the incoming wastewater is free to flow to the main aeration tank tank through a flow equalizer.

Aeration: during the aeration phase, oxygen is supplied to the active biomass through fine bubble diffuser.

Settling: the settling of the active sludge take place during the night in calm flow condition.

Discharge of treated water: after settling time, the treated water are discharged through an air lift system.

Discharge of sludge: a certain amount of sludge is pumped to the sludge storage tank, where water and sludge get separated in a clarification process.


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