Filterra® is an innovative system characterised by a particular design that optimizes the management and the treatment of stormwater runoff. StormwaterItaliaBiofilter is made of a filtering substrate in which a plant specimenis planted to take advantage of the interaction between the tree and the ground. More specifically it exploits absorption, filtration, evapotranspiration and fitodepuration. The biofilters can have different dimensions and can contain several filtering biomasses and plant specimens, depending on the quality of stormwater or flow rate; they also can guarantee a filtration capability of stormwater up to 300 mm/h, adding to the environmental value of the system. The hydraulic management and the stormwater treatment are guaranteed even in long-lasting and of-big-entity storm events, for this reason the specific design of the bio-filtration system allows the installation of Stormwater™ cartridges that can handle overflows coming from the filtering substrate. In conclusion the system can handle also big storm events, thanks to the presence of additional “overflow” technology which allows the transportation of the whole water mass to the drainpipe.


Stormwater Italia

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