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Stormwater flowing from streets and highways is contaminated with a number of pollutants, coming both from atmosphere wash out and from transport of sediments and materials settled on the surfaces during dry weather. These waters are also highly variable, in time and space, from a qualitative and a quantitative point of view, as a result of rain variability and the many factors that influence stormwater characteristics (for example: dry weather period before the meteoric event, rain intensity, road sweeping activities). As a consequence, traditional solutions for water treatment, designed for steady and constant quality flows (such as oil-water separators or settlers) have been proven to be not effective in respect of the targets to achieve. Furthermore, highways are important sources of chronic and diffuse pollution, exerting a negative environmental impact on receiving water bodies and groundwater. 

Acute impacts should be considered as well: they usually result from spills or accidental events that can happen on these infrastructures. Specifically, hydrocarbons and hazardous substances spillovers can have catastrophic consequences on the environment, due to the fact that they happen in a very short time and  require an enormous amount of time and money to be  restored. To face the critical aspects just mentioned, StormwaterItalia offers specific and cutting-edge solutions that duly resolve the possible challenges related to the conditions present aloong these infrastructures. As for stormwater treatment, we suggest small treatment plants to be installed along the road. They are fundamentally composed by a concrete basin furnished with filtrating cartridges, able to remove solids, through filtration, and ions or metals through adsorption thanks to the filtrating media that fills the cartridge.

The plants work by gravity, thus they do not require an energy supply. Therefore, they can also be installed in remote areas, for example along streets or highways. To fight the risk of acute pollution, StormwaterItalia offers innovative automatic management and containment devices for spills. Installed along road axis, these systems are able to detect the spill, either during dry or wet weather, and to contain it in a suitable basin. The network made of these devices works automatically to manage accidental events, however it can also be operated remotely from the operations centre where alarms are managed and maintenance activities are scheduled.



Stormwater is the mean through which pollutants are flowed from the surfaces where they settle, during dry weather, to the draining system and receiving water bodies. Port activities As a consequence, these pollutants can cause an important impact on sediments in port areas. SWIGroup has a experience in the design of specific technical solutions to treat, manage and reuse stormwater runoff from impervious port squares and docks. 


Many literature studies demonstrated that stormwater runoff from airport areas can have an important impact on the environment. Stormwater is the mean through which pollutants are lead from the surfaces where they settle, during dry weather, to the draining systems and receiving water bodies.

Stormwater runoff from airport areas is usually rich in heavy metals (either in the dissolved or in the suspended form), oils, nutrients, hydrocarbons, particulates and organic matter.

The identification of the main pollutants sources is fundamental to decide the best prevention and/or treatment measures to be undertaken.




Stormwater runoff in industrial areas can flush many pollutants that accumulate, during dry conditions, in parking lots and deposit areas where potentially dangerous materials are stored. Furthermore, wide impervious areas, like industrial ones, prevent the natural process of stormwater filtration through the soil. This is a challenge from a hydraulic point of view, since these flows must be managed through a drain network, and interfere with groundwater fluctuation levels and with receiving water bodies’ natural flow, often causing flooding.

Therefore, managing and treating stormwater from industrial areas is fundamental. Furthermore, treated water can be reused for irrigation of green areas, in cooling towers or wherever high quality water is not specifically needed. This solution is considerably cheaper than the purchase of an equivalent amount of drinking water. StormwaterItalia provides engineering and technical support in the study, design and realisation of stormwater treatment systems, looking at the same time for options consenting the greatest water recycle possible.


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