Stormpillow® is a simple and revolutionary technology from SWI designed for the retrofitting of existing drainage grids.

The system is custom designed in function of the size of the single drainage grids and consists in a particular packaged media filter installed inside the drainage grid that permits the treatment of 100% of the stormwater runoff.

Stormpillow® permits a great flexibility of use avoiding the need of interventions in the hydraulic network and ensuring high efficiency with a small investment.

The stormwater runoff is addressed through filter media layer of  vegetal granular active carbon (GAC). The GAC is efficient in the removal of finest solids and in many dissolved pollutants commonly present inside stormwater. After the treatment, the water is delivered inside the existing hydraulic network.

The filtration media shape and composition are specifically designed to ensure adequate contact time and high removal efficiency maintaining a correct flow velocity.

The filtration media layer is loaded inside a technical pillowcase realized with a machine stitched plastic wire double overlapping mesh that permits the retention of the coarse material without significantly lower the speed of the water and designed to reduce drastically the risk of biofouling.

Stormpillow® is equipped with a “guide frame” that supports the media filter pillow and helps the stormwater runoff through the media filter. Stormpillow® is provided with a large mesh posing plate realized in reinforced fibreglass properly fixed to the internal walls of the drainage grid and designed to make easy installation and maintenance.

The maintenance of the system is fast, simple and cheap and consists in cleaning and removing the media filter material (GAC) and the reusing the technical pillowcase.

Stormpillow® guarantees the following results:


  • Treatment of 100% of stormwater runoff;

  • No modification of the existing hydraulic drainage network;

  • Adaptation to existing or new drainage grids of all types and dimensions;

  • Easiness of installation;

  • No civil works for the installation;

  • High treatment capacity;

  • Easy fast and cheap maintenance;

  •  Advantageous in terms of cost-benefits ratio


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