SW 150° 64 : mobile system for the treatment of stormwater run-off, Polluted groundwater and Flooding water, built and sized in an standard ISO 20-ft container to make it easily transportable by necessity. Totally built in steel and varnished with special navy’s paint to guarantee protection by aggressive agent and assure resistance in time.

 Completely autonomous energetically up to 12 days, thanks to a diesel additional tank and a photovoltaic system for the electric control unit.


SW 150° 64: hydraulic capacity up to  5000 m3/day

SW 150° 64 energetic autonomy up to 65.000 m3  of treated water

 SW 150° 64 in let flow control, in accordance with of the volume to be treated and the level of pollution to remove


SW 150° 64 is a water treatment system based on StormfilterTM technology, that use passive filtration to treat up to 64 liters per second continuously. SW 150° 64 can treat physically, for adsorbtion or cationic exchange, a wide range of pollutants. 

SW 150° 64 can be equipped with different filter media as a function of the pollutant specific to remove.

Filter media are both natural and synthetic and assure high removal efficiency. Efficient expected:

• 80% of total suspended solids (TSS)

• 90% of oil and grease

• 40-70% dissolved metals

• 50% organic


PhosphoSorb ™

Is a lightweight media built from a Perlite-base that removes total phosphorus (TP) by adsorbing dissolved-P and filtering particulate-P simultaneously.


Is naturally occurring puffed volcanic ash. Effective for removing TSS, oil and grease.


Is a naturally occurring mineral used to remove soluble metals, ammonium and some organics.

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)

Has a micro-porous structure with an extensive surface area to provide high levels of adsorption. It is primarily used to remove oil and grease and organics such as PAHs and phthalates.


SW 150° 64 is equipped with a continuous monitoring system at the outfall, through multy parametric probes for parameter such as pH, turbidity, conductivity and temperature. The result of monitoring are collected and registered in a data-log and sent to a remote server, thanks to gsm technology.

SW 150° 64 has an emergency system witch stoppes inlet pumping if parameter exceed limit values, and send an alarm warning with gsm. All emergency and monitoring system of SW 150° 64 is managed through battery fed by a photovoltaic system.

  • Solar panel, to manage the monitoring and control system

  • Easy to re-fuel and maintain

  • Completely closed container: safety guaranteed

  • Equipped with fire control device

  • Has no need of the personal to work

  • Autonomy of 12 days

  • The correct operation is checked by an continuous monitoring system transmitted by GSM°

  • SW 150° 64 ® is applied in all case in which is necessary to treat large volumes of water, keeping attention also to water quality and receiving body sensitivity.


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