SWErm (03)®

Swerm (03)® is a patented (Pat. nr. 0001426565) spill-related emergency control and management system. It is provided with an automatic device that prevents the flow access to the discharge drainpipe during emergency situations. The core of Swerm (03)® is its intelligent unit that instantly and continuously processes data from the monitoring system and, if a risk of pollution arises, it activates the emergency pneumatic system that closes the access to the discharge drain pipe of water.

The emergency closure timing is of about 1 second, much less than a man-actuated activation time. The alarm signal is contemporarily sent to the operation center. Therefore the staff is advised about the emergency and can keep the situation under control and take proper countermeasures. Furthermore, from the operation center, the plant manager can always remotely command the emergency opening or closing system.

Swerm (03)® requires a very low energy supply (24 watt) and it is not damaged by the power grid voltage drops, thanks to its energetic back-up.

If the grid energy supply is not available, Swerm (03)® can be provided with a photovoltaic system for solar energy conversion and accumulation that assures the independence from any electrical network.

The heart of the Swerm (03)® is a PLC (Programmable Logic Computer) developed with a patented software capable to elaborate instantly and continuously the data collected by a dual monitoring system. In case of risks it is able to automatically isolate, in less than a second, with no need for human intervention thanks to the pneumatic actuator, the pollutants within the system achieving the prevention of the contamination of the surrounding environment. The Swerm (03)® can be remotely controlled and instantly communicates every emergency and alarm in order to ensure an efficient management of the emergency.

Technology Winner of the Sustainable Development Award 2017

SWERM grid ® is the control unit that manages the network of SWERM 03® systems and automatically directs the emergency phases in all the controlled plants. It also remotely controls and operates each system function, displays ongoing activities and sends an alert in case of anomalies and malfunctions, power failure included.

Furthermore, it processes monitoring data, in order to build synthetic indicators used as a self-learning tool. The information’s on the system activity are to be used also for environmental communication purposes. Finally, it manages ordinary and extraordinary maintenance programs and training programs for emergency tests simulation and automatic recording. SW-MS® (SW Monitoring System®): is a monitoring station that detects possible abnormalities in stormwater quality either related to anthropic activities or to hazardous substances spills. Each component operates autonomously and works continuously. SW-MS® is composed by multiparametric probes warded in a water-tight housing provided with a collision protection system, designed with a pneumatic cleaning system.

- intelligent system controlled by PLC, with patented software, completely automatic and with “stand alone” logic
- system that can be controlled remotely able to continuously communicate the different conditions, alarms and emergencies
- system equipped with a dual  monitoring system, designed exclusively for the management of spill related emergencies
- pneumatic emergency system that guarantees intervention timing to the second, that requires low energetic needs
- system capable to operate off grid that can be equipped with a photovoltaic panel in order to ensure energetic autonomy for a week
- compact and customised systems in respect to the projects’ requests
- relatively low costs for both the plant and for maintenance

SWErm Grid with 3S Scada Program

- Able to control an unlimited number of plants
- Filling of the data and creation of all the operation parameters
- Creation of a database of the water’s qualitative and quantitative
data collected by the monitoring system
- Integrated management of alarms and performances
- Integrability and scalability with other SCADA systems
- Management of the maintenance operations
- Feasibility of mirroring of the data (such as: information,
monitoring, alarms and stas) with third parties (such as Authorities)



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